Ashlee, Oakland County

Storyteller: Sasha Tadajewski When Ashlee walked into work as a housekeeper in late February, she was told she had to wear protective gear or wouldn’t be able to work. As a single mother, she couldn’t not work. So for the next months, Ashlee would wear a full body suit while cleaning doctor’s offices in OaklandContinue reading “Ashlee, Oakland County”

Dontae, Wayne County

Storyteller: Sasha Tadajewski Dontae lives in Taylor, about 25 minutes outside of Detroit. He works overnight as a production operator making spindles for Honda at a plant in New Boston. This is where Dontae first heard about Covid, he was at work when he heard his co-workers talking about this virus in China.  Partway throughContinue reading “Dontae, Wayne County”

Brandy, Midland County

Storyteller: Sasha Tadajewski Brandy first heard of COVID-19 when her step-mother’s open heart surgery was rescheduled in February. The hospital she was supposed to get her surgery at had been classified as a Covid-only hospital, and she did not receive this very important surgery until late July. In March, when things started heating up, thisContinue reading “Brandy, Midland County”

Jade, Montmorency County

Storyteller: Sasha Tadajewski Jade first learned about COVID-19 when she was sitting on the couch, watching television; something came on the news about a virus outbreak in Wuhan, China. At first, she wasn’t very worried; how would something in China affect her? Well, it affected so much of her life. When Covid first erupted, JadeContinue reading “Jade, Montmorency County”