Jade, Montmorency County

Storyteller: Sasha Tadajewski

Jade first learned about COVID-19 when she was sitting on the couch, watching television; something came on the news about a virus outbreak in Wuhan, China. At first, she wasn’t very worried; how would something in China affect her? Well, it affected so much of her life.

When Covid first erupted, Jade was a senior in high school, excited for prom, graduation, and ultimately college. Jade planned to go to Delta for a degree in Nursing, but everything changed. First, school got shut down, just an extra week of Spring break, right? Not quite: she would never return to high school for another class. She would receive an email saying prom would be rescheduled; it never was. She would walk to get her diploma across a football field, wearing a mask. Nothing seemed right, but at least she had next year, college would start. Summer would be boring but then she could have a normal experience, that’s what she thought.

There were so many restrictions on colleges that when Jade registered for classes they were all online. So there was no need for her to move From Hillman down to the Bay City Midland area to go to classes on campus. Because of this, she ended up dropping all of her classes less than two weeks in: “When I couldn’t attend on campus, I changed my entire plan.” Now Jade is training to be a phlebotomist, or a person who draws blood. Although she still went into the medical field, Jade changed from a four year degree to an eight week program.

One thing Jade has learned from this pandemic is to cherish every moment with her family. After missing Thanksgiving with her family, and presumably Christmas, she thinks back on how she took those times for granted, and she can’t wait to have them back.

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