Ashlee, Oakland County

Storyteller: Sasha Tadajewski

When Ashlee walked into work as a housekeeper in late February, she was told she had to wear protective gear or wouldn’t be able to work. As a single mother, she couldn’t not work. So for the next months, Ashlee would wear a full body suit while cleaning doctor’s offices in Oakland county. Since she was cleaning offices for physicians that were deemed non-essential, she was laid off when the office shut down. She then returned to a previous job to make ends meet. She was working full time, and overtime until her children’s school and daycare shut down.

At this point, Ashlee had to leave her job because she had nobody to care for her children. With no way to support her family because she had no childcare, she had to make money somehow. This is when she decided to Doordash at night after finishing her daughter’s school and on weekends. She has to take her children with her while making deliveries, which is very difficult for her to manage. It isn’t easy to do this job but it puts food in her kids’ stomachs and keeps her lights on.

One of the most difficult things for this mother to deal with is her childrens’ schooling. Her son is four and in preschool and her daughter is 8 and in third grade. Not only is Ashlee completely responsible for their schooling, she also watches them struggle to learn everyday. Her son is struggling to learn how to do things her daughter learned very easily. She said what bothers her most is the lack of learning in her son, “When my daughter was In preschool, she came home writing her name, singing her ABC’s, while my son can barely get to H”. Her daughter would go into a website and listen to music for hours instead of learning math. Our children aren’t learning much with this school setup.

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