Tammy, Bay County

Storyteller: Heather Henry Tammy is 52 years old and is employed as an elementary school social worker. Her first recollection of Covid-19 was in January. She had heard about it on the news when large amounts of China were being affected. So many people had been dying and it was spreading throughout Europe. Her day-to-dayContinue reading “Tammy, Bay County”

Stephanie, Bay County

Storyteller: Heather Henry Stephanie is 18 years old and resides with her parents. When the pandemic first began, she was employed with Panera Bread in her hometown. However, she was furloughed due to downsizing, which resulted from the pandemic. She did eventually quit to focus on school. The news of Covid-19 first reached her inContinue reading “Stephanie, Bay County”

Sadie, Bay County

Storyteller: Heather Henry Sadie is an 18-year-old freshman in college. She was a senior in high school when news of the pandemic first occurred. Her first recollection of hearing about Covid-19 was from her teachers, which was soon followed by the observation of the virus on the news. Once the pandemic began, her day-to-day lifeContinue reading “Sadie, Bay County”