Renee, Bay County

Storyteller: Heather Henry

Renee is 54 years old and is employed as a Demand Planning and Supply Specialist at Nexteer. Her first recollection of Covid-19 was in January on the news. She had heard of the impacts that the virus was having on China. Once the pandemic hit the United States, she had to begin working from home, like many other Americans. She has been able to gain money from the pandemic. Since there has been a large amount of isolation, Renee has been able to spend less and conserve her money. She has also dealt with some losses. She had a family cruise planned for spring break, which was supposed to be at the end of March. Due to Covid-19, the cruise had to be rescheduled to a still unknown date. There have been notable sensory details that she has experienced as well. She wears glasses, so she has noticed that when she wears a mask, they tend to fog up. She also plays on a community co-ed hockey team and has taken note of the difficulty with breathing in a largely aerobic activity when she wears a facemask. For her personally, nothing during the pandemic has stood out as being humorous. Renee has learned from the pandemic that she likes working from home. Before the pandemic she experienced some instances of working from home and never expected to enjoy doing so full-time. Now that she works from home daily, she has realized that working from home all the time is something that she personally enjoys.

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