Sadie, Bay County

Storyteller: Heather Henry

Sadie is an 18-year-old freshman in college. She was a senior in high school when news of the pandemic first occurred. Her first recollection of hearing about Covid-19 was from her teachers, which was soon followed by the observation of the virus on the news. Once the pandemic began, her day-to-day life experienced little change. She remained employed, but then left her job to focus on college later in the pandemic. Now she notes that all of her days are the same. She no longer needs to know the date and, as a result, feels that she is “floating” through her week. There has been gains and losses that she has experienced from Covid-19. She has gained confidence due to her isolation since there is no longer the need to worry about the opinions of her peers. She has also lost several people that were close to her. They were not lost to the virus, but instead has lost connections with friends and family members. This is a result of not being able to go out and see these individuals. There are also notable sensory details that she has noticed with the pandemic. Since facemasks cover up half of her face, she feels that she appears to be more cute. Although the Covid-19 pandemic is a dark time for many, Sadie has been able to find some humor in these strange times. One of the humorous observations that she made is that Melania Trump is considering divorcing her husband. The pandemic has taught people several lessons about themselves. Having to separate from others gives time for much self-evaluation. Through the isolation that Covid-19 has created, Sadie has learned an important life lesson. She realized that she does not have to live her life for others, but rather that she should live her life for herself.

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