Kelly, Bay County

Storyteller: Emilee Green At fifty-four years old, Kelly of Bay City has spent her whole life working in healthcare and has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Currently working as a registered nurse and Case Manager at Covenant Hospital, she recalls first hearing about COVID-19 on the news station at her parents’ house.Continue reading “Kelly, Bay County”

Darren, Bay County

Storyteller: Emilee Green Fifty-eight year old Darren of Bay City works for the UAW as a General Motors Global Propulsions Team Leader. During March of 2020 Darren spent most of his days at the General Motors plant in Bay City, hanging out with his family, and spending time with his three dogs Hazel, Bear, andContinue reading “Darren, Bay County”

Connor, Bay County

Storyteller: Emilee Green March of 2020 Connor spent most of his time working at Delta College, bartending at a local bar, and spending time with his girlfriend and their cat Jellybean. He, his girlfriend, and Jellybean had been moved in to their tiny apartment on Center Avenue only a week when news of COVID-19 hitContinue reading “Connor, Bay County”

Katie, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Emilee Green It was early March of 2020 when thirty-four year old Katie of Saginaw, Michigan received the news that she was getting the career promotion she’d been working towards for months. Her excitement would turn to confusion and concern in the coming days brought with them the announcement of COVID-19. Katie doesn’t rememberContinue reading “Katie, Saginaw County”