Connor, Bay County

Storyteller: Emilee Green

March of 2020 Connor spent most of his time working at Delta College, bartending at a local bar, and spending time with his girlfriend and their cat Jellybean. He, his girlfriend, and Jellybean had been moved in to their tiny apartment on Center Avenue only a week when news of COVID-19 hit the news.

Connor recalls pretty clearly when he heard the news of COVID-19 hitting the nation. As an employee of the Delta College Billing Department, his day-to-day life changed pretty dramatically during quarantine and continues to change to this day. As someone who spends long hours in the office, Connor now works remotely from home and only goes out for essentials. His part-time job bartending has been eliminated all together.

Connor laughs as he tells me he’s gained 15 pounds from the quarantine earlier this year, but that he’s also gained a sense of camaraderie with the public in regards to wearing masks and social distancing. I inquired about the most notable difference in his life since the pandemic, “In the short term, a sense of being able to do something in public on a whim. Now things need to be planned and Covid always has to be included in the planning phase since it has changed everything we are normally used to in society.”

Connor tells me that this pandemic has taught him that you can not expect anything the future holds.

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