Darren, Bay County

Storyteller: Emilee Green

Fifty-eight year old Darren of Bay City works for the UAW as a General Motors Global Propulsions Team Leader. During March of 2020 Darren spent most of his days at the General Motors plant in Bay City, hanging out with his family, and spending time with his three dogs Hazel, Bear, and Lola. Darren was out shopping for St. Patrick’s Day party supplies when he first heard the news break about COVID-19.

Darren recalls walking through the aisles of Kroger as he was initially hearing of COVID-19 on his phone through the CNN News app. “To be frank,” he tells me “my workplace life hasn’t changed a whole lot”. Apart from wearing masks and trying to remain six feet apart, his job at the General Motors plant in Bay City has been business as usual. “I know a few people from my plant who have tested positive. They’re making changes but I don’t think enough in being done”.

Darren’s day to day life outside of work has changed “quite a lot” he tells me. “I try to avoid coming in contact with people and remaining 6 feet apart. Of course wearing a mask whenever entering public space as well.” He says his social interaction has diminished and he’s gained a sense of isolation. He misses his children and family who he hasn’t seen in person in months.

Darren says this pandemic has taught him to be vigilant of other peoples’ germs that they spread, to sanitize things you come in contact with, and that you can never be too cautious.

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