Blake, Livingston County

Storyteller: Adam Jean

Blake Smokovitz is an 18-year-old student that lives in Brighton, Michigan. His main responsibilities are balancing high school with early college while maintaining a steady job as an oil and tire technician at a local shop. His last two years of high school were going normally for him until The Corona Virus hit and pulled the metaphorical rug out from under him.

Specifically, Blake shared that he had first heard of COVID-19 on Thursday, March 12, 2020. He noticed that his day-to-day life changed significantly due to the Coronavirus once he no longer had to attend school in person. Blake found that he could focus a lot more on his hobbies, specifically the ultra-lightweight airplane he is building in his garage, along with housework and fixing his own automobiles.  However, his free time came at the price of having to use electronics more then he normally would. If you knew Blake, you would probably describe him as old fashioned which is a fair judgement. In fact, he prides himself by how independent he is from electronics. He avoids them whenever he possibly can.

Blake claims that he has gained the most important thing from the Pandemic, time. With the time Blake has gained, he has completed projects that he has had to put off for years and he has had time to elaborate on the many hobbies as he had along with develop new hobbies. Blake appreciates gaining all the free time from the Pandemic; however, he says that he lost a lot of time in school and feels that he lost a good piece of his high school experience. He also said that he missed seeing all his friends on a regular basis. Blake says that whenever he hears about the pandemic, he always thinks about how the masks makes his beard itchy but also that the masks keep his face warmer when outside in the cold.

 One funny thing that happened to Blake was when he was originally kicked out of school last year, he was told they would be out for three weeks, yet they ended up being out of school for the remainder of the year. Blake is expecting that a similar situation is going to occur this year since they are already out of school during a spike in cases.

The biggest lesson that the pandemic taught Blake was that he can get a surprisingly large amount of work done when he actual has the time to do so.

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