Savannah, Lansing

Storyteller, Mitchell Zieman

My name is Savannah Keck. I am 20 years old, and at the time that the pandemic started, I was completing my degree at Michigan State University. I majored in International Relations. I lived in Lansing, MI, but I now live with my parents in Knoxville, TN. I am a cheer coach for Champion Force, I coached in both Michigan and Tennessee. I first heard about COVID-19 in Early January, but I thought nothing of it. Once the lockdowns happened in Michigan, my job shut down, and I was online for classes for the next several months. I was just locked inside, and I had nowhere to go, so in April, I moved back to Tennessee with my parents, because I did not want to be alone. By alone, I mean just stuck with my dog and not other humans. The pandemic has changed my day-to-day life, mainly because I have to wear a mask everywhere I go. I got contacts because I didn’t want my glasses to fog up. During the pandemic, I actually found a boyfriend, who I love so much. I lost an internship due to the pandemic, which would have helped me gain experience for a job. I also lost the opportunity to coach my girls up in Michigan. I did mention that I now have contacts for when I go out so my glasses don’t fog up. Not much happened to me that was funny, besides finding a boy who will tolerate me when I get stir crazy from staying home all the time. This pandemic has taught me about all the germs we can find, and how dangerous some of them can be.

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