James, Saginaw County

James works as a survey CAD technician for Spicer Group in Saginaw. He is 46 years old. James had first heard of the virus chatting with his coworkers on his lunch break. James immediately looked up the virus on his computer when he returned to his desk. Being a type-1 diabetic, James was rather nervous about contracting the virus, considering he was classified as a high-risk person.

Soon after this day, the country started getting shutdown. James was very disappointed, because he had a family trip planned to go to Los Angeles and San Diego just the week after the country really began getting shutdown.

In the following weeks, James was surprised at the amount of people wearing masks, and the amount of people that wouldn’t even want to be in the same aisle as you at the grocery store. James never really followed the stay at home order, and would still go out and get takeout from restaurants about once every week. Aside from eating out occasionally, James noticed his diet became much better, as him and his wife had more than enough time to cook a meal every night.

James wasn’t very personally affected by the virus, but he gained a sense of how much control the media truly has on society, as he noticed people adjusting what they do based solely off of what CNN or FOX news had said.

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