Toby, Midland County

Storyteller: Mason Sheridan

Toby, my online friend, lives in Midland, Michigan. He is 19 years old and lives with his mom, dad, and older brother. Toby was a senior in high school, having a perfect attendance in high school, and was at the top of his class in most subjects. This all changed when he was sent to do remote learning because of the rise in cases of the virus. 

While in remote learning, Toby was able to do what he loves, Mountain Biking. He was able to build a bunch of trails in the woods by his house to train, as well as travel an average of 10 miles per bike trip, which he did almost every day. He also did long distance biking and has biked for upwards of 7 hours. Doing this hobby was a lot of fun for Toby as he didn’t have to worry about getting covid or being in danger, as he was always outside and mostly by himself. 

It was all fun during remote learning until Toby’s older brother got covid and brought it into their house. Toby was very scared as he was worried about the health of his mom and dad. Luckily enough, his family was able to avoid their oldest son and have him isolate himself in the basement. This scared Toby very bad as he was worried that he would’ve lost his parents. 

Toby’s family was exposed to the virus, so this made him very anxious about how our nation would handle the virus moving forward. In his interview with me, he noted how he was concerned by how we Americans were fighting against the virus, as he only saw it getting worse and worse, and the world becoming more and more distraught with the Presidential election. This stuck out to me as I’ve known Toby for quite some time now and I know he’s smarter than me so that worried me. In the end, he survived a virus outbreak within his nuclear family and lived to tell about it.

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