Anna, Alpena

Storyteller: Eden Zann

Anna was a senior in high school when COVID hit the United States. Like all other seniors Anna was heartbroken over the loss of her senior year. Twelve years of hard work did not feel like it was going to be paid off. Senior sports seasons, prom, senior lock in, graduation, and all of the end of the year senior experiences that Anna has always looked forward to were gone. 

Anna had a great attitude towards this and knew that all she could do was control her future. 

After months of no contact with her friends or outside family Anna lived the best summer of her life. Anna said that after the restrictions were lifted and she got to see her friends she gained a new appreciation. The people in her life have always been important to her, but this pandemic gave her a new perspective on how much they mean to her.

Anna also used her months of down time working out and bettering her soccer skills. As Anna returned to soccer she felt like she had improved and hard work paid off. The only thing she can’t stand about playing during a pandemic is wearing a mask. She hates the feeling of sweat building up under her mask, which is so relatable for so many people.  

Anna’s story is an eye opening and inspiring story on how to turn something so bad into something you can grow and benefit from. 

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