Nick, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Mason Sheridan

Like Ryan, Nick also went to my school, so he has kind of the same story. Nick was in school with me in March, when everything fell apart. We were in our Newspaper class with Mrs. Chaltraw, maybe one of the best classes in Nouvel’s history. We sat around on a friday afternoon, while every news station and article was about Covid-19. We said to each other that day, “Watch, this is our last day of school.” and sure enough, it was. 

Nick did not enjoy staying home everyday, as he felt like he was trapped. Not being able to see his friends or family, Nick got very bored, very quick. He began to do online work, but was constantly distracted in his house as his younger sister Katie was a handful. He would spend each day hanging out with her, whether if it was swimming in their pool, jumping on the trampoline, or riding bikes to the park, Nick was always there to make sure she was happy and safe during the pandemic.

One hobby Nick really gained during the pandemic was video games. These games would keep him occupied all day and took his mind off the chaos that was outside his door. He was especially good at games like Modern Warfare or even Spiderman. Sometimes our group of friends would meet up, knowing we all did not have covid, and we would drive around, finding new spots to ride our longboards and explore the towns around us. 

Nick personally hated the whole entire pandemic. He’d say that the mask was always making breathing harder, but also that it would be causing really bad acne where the mask would sit on his face. Nick and his family were never exposed to Covid, not even at his graduation party during the summer, no one got the virus and everyone was safe.

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