Maya, Midland County

Storyteller: Sophia Donoghue

Maya was a senior in high school when news about Covid first broke out. She had first heard about the virus through social media and the news. When school was first cancelled, she thought it was going to be a short break, but it soon turned into school being cancelled and having to finish her senior year online. Maya lost time with family and friends, her senior spring break trip to Paris, the remainder of her senior year, a graduation with all of her friends, and a lot of memories. Although the pandemic has been tough, it has taught Maya to be a lot more grateful for time spent with people, friends, family, peers, and cherish the things we get to do together. 

Maya is currently attending Hope College. She is eighteen years old and is currently in Midland, MI due to all of her classes being online. Since the pandemic has started, it has restricted who she can hangout with and what she gets to do, such as eating at restaurants and going to parties with friends. With not being able to hangout with friends or go out, Maya still tries to find the little things that make her happy and laugh. The funniest thing to happen to Maya has been the posts on social media about how terrible the year 2020 has been. 

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