Michelle, Alger

Storyteller: Aubrey Cole

Michelle is 49 years old and lives in Alger, Michigan. She is a teacher for grade 3 and 4 at St. Barts in Kawkawlin Michigan. However, her main job is taking care of her 3 children. Michelle first heard about COVID from her principle on the phone. She was getting ready in the morning, and she was told to not come in. The principle announced the school was shutting down.

When COVID first started, not much changed for her. She would already have the summer off because there is not school then. However, my life changed with my daughter. I had no basketball games to go watch anymore. Also, later when school started, I still could not come in. I found myself having to learn how to use google meet. Michelle gained a lot of respect for nurses and doctors. All these people put their lives at risk to help people.

Also, she has learned how to use computers and technology better. Michelle found it hard to wear glasses with a mask. It would always hake her glasses fog up, and not allow her to see.  The masks would hurt her ears too. In such stressful times, nothing funny or great has happened. Everything has been serious. The pandemic taught Michelle to savor seeing people in person. She would take that for granted because it was something she always had. 

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