Philip, Alger

Storyteller: Aubrey Cole

Philip Cole is 50 years old and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Philip is a health care coach and business owner. He works to better other people’s understanding of how to manage their practices. He coaches them on how to be more profitable. Philip heard about COVID in February. He was at a business seminar on dental practices. Osha, his advising team, told him about the news in a meeting.

Philip’s day to day life didn’t change much because he works out of his house. However, he had to make tons of phone calls to make. He also had to figure out meetings and getting them all online. Philip has gained how to run his business in a new way. He is ready for whatever comes at him now. Having people infected with COVID deals with many legal issues with other companies and people. He knows now how to deal with legal situations.

However, he has been very restricted with his everyday life. It is hard for him to go the store and get supplies for work. Also, he struggles with in person meetings because they rarely can happen. The sensory detailed that was the worst was breathing through masks. After wearing them they start to hurt, and they get very hard to breathe through after a while. Philip understands now how precious lives are. They could be gone in a blink of an eye. He knows that we need to live lives to the fullest. 

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