Zoe, Allendale

Storyteller: Sophia Donoghue

Zoe is from Sanford but is currently living in Allendale. Zoe is attending Grand Valley State University and is eighteen years old. Zoe first heard about Covid through the news and friends around February of last year. Zoe was a senior in high school when the virus first was heard of. She lost her remainder of her senior year of high, along with her freshman year of college. Her day to day life has changed a lot because every day after school she would hang out with someone different, so it drastically decreased her social life. Even though her social life has changed, Zoe tries to stay positive during this tough time. She tries to not dwell on what could have been because it isn’t good for our minds, so she tries to not think about it too much. 

There are many negative things that could have happened during this pandemic, but Zoe has gained an appreciation for cleanliness and a greater understanding of germs. Zoe likes to be safe and wear a mask when going out in public, but that can come with some issues. Zoe has noticed that when it is cold out, her breath will be so warm in her mask that it creates a condensation and that condensation gets her eyelashes wet. Her mascara then wipes off onto the very top of her mask right under her eyes. On a brighter note, one of the funnier things to happen to Zoe was watching the Presidential Election that took place this year. Even though Zoe lost her freshman year of college and had to drastically change her social life, the pandemic taught her to appreciate even the shortest moments with those who you love, and coming up with new and creative fun ways to spend time with people while being safe. 

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