Ginger, Midland County

Storyteller: Sophia Donoghue

Ginger lives in Midland, MI and is forty-seven years old. Ginger currently works at Michigan Works as a rehabilitation counselor. Ginger first heard about the virus from the news around February. Her day to day life did not really change until our governor put us into lockdown. Once that happened she had to start working from home which was a drastic change for her. Something she gained from the virus was a lot of time at home, a lot of time alone, a lot of time to think and evaluate life, time to work on projects at home, and a lot of appreciation for time. 

Something Ginger lost from Covid would be some freedom that was ‘lost’ and lost time with family and friends. While wearing masks, they affect vision perception when looking down; you cannot chew or eat anything minty with a mask on because it burns the eyes, and it is very difficult to recognize people out in the community when everyone has masks on. It feels very isolating to her. The funniest thing to happen to Ginger during the pandemic is probably the memes from 2020. Lastly, the pandemic has taught Ginger that she can work from home and adapt to the ways of working from home. 

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