Marc, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Carson Kaeckmeister

Marc was a 47 year old investment manager at a bank when the pandemic first hit the U.S. As an investment manager he must keep up to date with the very latest news so that he can accurately advise his customers on how they should invest their hard earned money. He first learned of Covid-19 before most through the news back in December of 2019. Ever since March he has had to work from home. This was quite the change of environment for him. Having to deal with his noisey family and kids constantly intruding to ask him questions all while making a plethora of phone calls day in and day out to effectively communicate with his customers and coworkers. 

Not only was his work life changed but as well as his home life. He got to be home all day with his family but could not talk to them very much as he was always on a phone call or video conference. He was also excited to watch his son, a senior in high school, play basketball for one last season. A joy of his that was cut short when the pandemic hit. Sports were not the only thing he would miss out on. He was forced to cancel a family trip to the Bahamas as well as a family trip to Florida. 

All of these negatives did stop Marc from seeing the positives of the situation. He got to spend more time with his family as he was never away at work. He also learned how to better use technology to communicate with others. A skill he would have never had to learn if it were not for the pandemic. He also had come up with more efficient ways to conduct work using technology. Marc also learned the unfortunate truth of just how unprepared many Americans are for a disaster. Not only financially, but mentally and physically as well.

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