Braxton, Midland County

Storyteller: Sophia Donoghue

Braxton is nineteen years old and is from Midland, MI. Currently, he is attending Delta College and is working at Cottage Creamery. Braxton first found out about the virus from his grandpa, who found out about the virus while watching the news. Although he is currently working now, he wasn’t just a few months ago. Braxton’s job was one of the many places that closed down when the pandemic first started. When the pandemic started, Braxton could not go to work, see his friends, and it basically made him stay inside all day. Because his job closed down, Braxton lost a lot of money. He also lost time being stuck at his house all the time and not being able to do anything during the quarantine. 

Although Braxton lost things, he also gained a lot of things from this pandemic. Braxton was able to learn how to be more responsible with his actions when it comes to being clean and taking care of himself. Being clean and healthy not only benefits himself, but also the people around him. 

Once Braxton was able to go back to work, he was grateful but also found it quite hard with the customers. Since he has gone back to work, it is hard for him to read customers’ emotions when they come into his store because of the masks. Not being able to read customers’ emotions does not stop him from seeing the funny things during this pandemic. Braxton and his grandpa joke about all of the things going on with the pandemic, such as how people are reacting to it differently and how it has affected everyone’s daily lives. Living through this pandemic has taught Braxton that you need to be more grateful for your time and not take anything for granted. 

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