Alexis, Bay County

Storyteller: Sydney Isbell  Work was always Lexi’s biggest motivation so when that was taken away from her, she felt as though she lost control of her life. She needed to be working to feel like she was making a difference in the world and benefiting herself and others.   At the beginning of the pandemic, she was working a full-time job atContinue reading “Alexis, Bay County”

Bethany, Bay County

Storyteller: Sydney Isbell  Bethany is a wife, mother of three, and works from home as an AVP, loan operations manager. She says her main responsibilities are her children. She has always been a family person and strived when she was around those she loved. During this pandemic she gave birth to a baby boy, Abram, so he takes up most of herContinue reading “Bethany, Bay County”

Carter, Bay County

Storyteller: Sydney Isbell  The start of the coronavirus pandemic was a hard time for everybody but being a senior in high school, with your whole experience ahead of you, it just hit harder. Carter didn’t go to his junior prom, so this was his time to shine for senior prom. Until that was no longer able to happen. Once that was cancelled, heContinue reading “Carter, Bay County”