Carter, Bay County

Storyteller: Sydney Isbell 

The start of the coronavirus pandemic was a hard time for everybody but being a senior in high school, with your whole experience ahead of you, it just hit harder. Carter didn’t go to his junior prom, so this was his time to shine for senior prom. Until that was no longer able to happen. Once that was cancelled, he was excited to know he still had his graduation ahead of him. Until that was also no longer able to happen. Sure, this pandemic hit everybody in different ways, but losing your whole senior year to some sickness really opened his eyes. That’s when Carter knew this sickness was so much more than what was being told.  

After having his senior year snatched right from the palms of his hands, he also got other opportunities taken away. He had multiple amazing job opportunities he had been waiting for but within a few weeks of school being cancelled he found out these jobs were no longer available because the global shutdowns caused businesses to stop hiring new people. This caused Carter to stress and grow extremely worried.  

With his new stressors and worries, he searched for things to do to keep his mind busy. He started to notice things. There were no actual explanations from the government as to why all these things were happening. They never really explained the truth as to why they took his senior year away or why he should no longer be going to see his family and friends every day. These lies turned Carters worries into lack of trust for the government.  

Since the pandemic, Carter now feels he can no longer trust the government and what they have to say. He says he will comply but is worried about what they are not telling us.  

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