Kasey, Iosco County

Storyteller: Garette Minzey Kasey’s day to day life changed slowly when the state decided to close for the first time, and then abruptly when the nursing home started reporting cases of residents and employees catching Covid. Kasey being the person that handles all residents’ personal belongings, it startled her to work in that environment withoutContinue reading “Kasey, Iosco County”

Katie, Washtenaw County

Storyteller: Garette Minzey Katie, a 21-year-old college student, was living in Ann Arbor with her boyfriend when she heard the news. On the phone with her mother in March, Katie recalled how scared she felt as soon as the words registered through the phone. Katie soon launched herself into a game of cat and mouse,Continue reading “Katie, Washtenaw County”

Autumn, Monroe County

Storyteller: Garette Minzey Autumn has an interesting perspective surrounding the beginning of the pandemic, as they had been travelling for work when COVID-19 hit. Away from home and working in a resort, there was a lot of anxiety and fear for them. Twenty years old and currently living in Temperance Michigan, they reflected on whereContinue reading “Autumn, Monroe County”

Alli, Washtenaw County

Storyteller: Garette Minzey Alli answered my facetime call in the kitchen of her new apartment casually prepping dinner with her roommate, their five animals pixilated in the background. She is a newer friend of mine, one that I worked a menial café job with back in the summer of 2019. It is safe to sayContinue reading “Alli, Washtenaw County”