Katie, Washtenaw County

Storyteller: Garette Minzey

Katie, a 21-year-old college student, was living in Ann Arbor with her boyfriend when she heard the news. On the phone with her mother in March, Katie recalled how scared she felt as soon as the words registered through the phone. Katie soon launched herself into a game of cat and mouse, constantly searching the news everyday for new cases and signs of a mass spread in Michigan and the country as a whole. Tragically, she did not have to wait long for that exact scenario.

Balancing the anxiety of the pandemic, Katie also lost her café job and began taking her classes online. It was a lot to juggle for her, and I could not help but relate to the chaotic circumstances. Luckily, Katie was able to receive pandemic insurance, helping to support her monthly rent and school bills. Surprisingly, Katie received more money from the PUA than she received from her minimum wage job and was able to purchase a vehicle. She likes to think of this as a positive in a year of negatives.

Katie’s anxiety took a front row seat during Covid, whether it be the constant sensation of dirty hands or the number of times she checked the news in a day. Luckily, she feels that the anxiety is easing a bit with news of a vaccine hanging within reach. Katie knows that this will end soon, and she is holding onto faith that others will take the pandemic more seriously as well.

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