Autumn, Monroe County

Storyteller: Garette Minzey

Autumn has an interesting perspective surrounding the beginning of the pandemic, as they had been travelling for work when COVID-19 hit. Away from home and working in a resort, there was a lot of anxiety and fear for them.

Twenty years old and currently living in Temperance Michigan, they reflected on where they were at the beginning of March. Working at the YMCA of the Rockies in Colorado, Autumn had actually quit the job and left only days before the company closed its doors for safety precautions. On the way to their next job in Utah, “the world began shutting down” (Autumn). Autumn was unsure if they should have kept going, but they did. Sadly, the job was open for a short week before it closed it’s doors, and they had to pack up and go back home to Temperance, arriving home mid-April.

Day-to-day life for Autumn changed a lot when they arrived home. Not seeing people nearly as much, working an old job at Subway, sleeping a lot. Life became repetitive tasks, and that is where we find Autumn now. They have lost connection with others and their life of travel.

Although Autumn is missing out on the things that can make life particularly interesting, they have found ways to enjoy the present moment. Working at Subway they see a lot of interesting people come through, and they find time to road trip safely whenever they can. Autumn has hope for the future, and that gives me hope too.

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