Brandon, Genesee County

Storyteller: Emma Smith In March, Brandon began a normal shift at work, when he had checked his social media and saw that there was a virus now spreading around the world. Brandon was a 21-year-old contractor for a post office. People had not made a huge fuss about the virus yet, because it had notContinue reading “Brandon, Genesee County”

Christina, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Emma Smith In early February, Christina had heard about Covid 19 through social media. Christina was 39, and a dietary cook for around 100 residents at a nursing home. It had not yet affected her at that time, but in early March she had to start taking her college classes online. She then foundContinue reading “Christina, Saginaw County”

Susan, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Emma Smith In mid February, Susan had taken her daughters on a girl’s trip to the island of Aruba. 61-year-old Susan works as registered nurse in a prison, where she responds to emergencies and passes medications to inmates. During the week and a half long vacation the news had started to cover more aboutContinue reading “Susan, Saginaw County”