Brandon, Genesee County

Storyteller: Emma Smith

In March, Brandon began a normal shift at work, when he had checked his social media and saw that there was a virus now spreading around the world. Brandon was a 21-year-old contractor for a post office. People had not made a huge fuss about the virus yet, because it had not made it to the U.S at that time. Soon people began talking more, and unessential businesses began to shut down, but Brandon’s job remained open.

Brandon struggled to find certain foods in the grocery stores, and people were required to wear masks in public places as well. Rules at his place of work had changed and the employees now had to clean their work trucks after every use, and socially distance from other employees. Brandon’s biggest struggle was not being able to go to the places he previously could, now he went to work and just came home every day.

As the stock market got lower Brandon began investing in different stocks that he thought would go up eventually. He began earning money this way, it was also a source of entertainment for him once he got home from his job. Brandon was interested in stocks before the pandemic had started, but now that he could buy them cheaper, he could learn the ropes and become better at investing his money.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Brandon has learned to wash his hands more, as well as to take the rules put into place more seriously. He had not previously thought Covid 19 would get this serious, but now he understands that these precautions were put in place to keep people safe.

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