Kelly, Genesee County

Storyteller: Emma Smith

In early February, Kelly had first heard about the Covid 19 Virus, but it was nowhere near the U.S, so she had not been worried about it. Kelly is a banker at Huntington Bank, where things had not changed yet. Soon the virus had made its way to the U.S and had begun affecting everyone’s lives. Schools and unessential businesses started closing, but Kelly was still working at the bank.

Kelly had begun to get paranoid for her family and her friends, nervous that they would get the virus. Someone at the bank had tested positive and the workers were forced to move to another branch for several weeks, this made Kelly’s daily work trip much longer than before, and it made her job more stressful. She felt that she had lost her sense of security, stability, freedoms, and money.

Working with customers had become more difficult with everyone wearing masks, it was difficult to recognize the usual customers, and distinguish them from newcomers. She felt that a lot of people in the world were irresponsible, people were getting sick and dying, but some chose to party and ignore every rule put in place to protect others.

Since the pandemic, Kelly has gained a lot of paranoia, as well as an uneasiness. She has learned that communities can come together in times of need, and that if this ever happens again, she needs to stock up on toilet paper.

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