Veronica, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Michael Crary

Veronica is the CEO and President of a Countywide Chamber of Commerce, while at home she is a grandmother of two, keeping her hands just as full. Veronica first heard of the pandemic through the news in January of 2019. This changed her work life similarly to many others, as she had to move her staff to remote work as quickly as possible. But the catch is she lives with 3 other adults working from home along with the two grandchildren one of which who is learning remotely. This was a whole other situation to figure out as they had to find their own workspace and increase the bandwidth to be able to work remotely. Outside of home life, she has noticed the distance between people is further and is worried that will not change even after the vaccination. Along with that, being an extrovert, she misses spending time with family and friends, and has even lost some friends due to differing opinions on the approach society has taken. She has been involved with politics for quite some time, and what she has learned from this pandemic ties into that. Veronica pushes for transparency in the elected officials for true information, not press conferences that are based on feelings and what people want to hear. It makes her wonder what happened to the generation that lived by question everything, in a time that there are more questions needed than ever before. Though she may not have had anything funny in mind that happened during the pandemic, I am sure that the full household she lives in has brought many fun times and learning experiences within this long time period of the pandemic.

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