Monica, Birch Run

Storyteller: Michael Crary

            Monica is an administrative worker for a family-owned landscaping company based in Birch Run, which is also where she lives. She is a close family friend, so we have gone through this pandemic together in one way or another. The pandemic was brought to her knowledge via the local news in December of 2019. Thankfully, she was fortunate enough to be unaffected in a major way as she was still able to work in the office of the company. Though, she is a social person so, not being able to dine out was a lively part of life that was ripped away by the pandemic. Without the time for relaxation after a long day of work, it gave her time to sit and think, where she found an appreciation for many things in life, because just as much as life sped up in our faces it also gave us time to slow down. Monica also feels for the small businesses that have been hit, as their family business is one. Other than her personal and work life she has found new views on our leaders and the mandates they have given. The mask mandate has caused her some grief as wearing one for a prolonged period gives her anxiety and makes her eyes water and finds herself pulling it down for fresh air often. Also, she has lost a lot of faith in the government and political systems as they ripped away many of our personal freedoms with little to no facts and she will not soon forget this either. This has taught her to keep a close eye on the political system and has shown her the effects that state leaders can have. Which reinforced her need for family, friends, and good mental health. Everyone’s story is different with the pandemic, but a common factor is the struggle we have gone through and the will to be strong enough to fight through.

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