JoAnn, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Michael Crary

JoAnn is a single mother of two from Frankenmuth, MI, she has worked hard up to the president position at a non-profit in Saginaw called Saginaw Future. She was on a vacation in Mexico just a few weeks after COVID-19 was becoming apparent, but at the time was nothing to worry about, or was it? While in Mexico COVID-19 was declared a pandemic which not only brought more concern but changed her day-to-day life back home without her even being there. Her organization’s goal is to introduce new businesses and to keep businesses afloat and with COVID-19 destroying small businesses this applied directly to her. 8 to 9 hour days turned into 10 to 12 hour days. Phones were ringing non-stop from small businesses asking for money just to break even. On top of all of that she had to figure out a way to keep her own organization in flow with the pandemic restrictions. Missing out on in person meetings or work parties is the social experience that helped keep work easy, which COVID took away from her with no remorse. Though, it is not all bad, she has found new views on life. Health has taken a top spot on her list because without it, there is no time for family, friends, work, or following your dreams. Which some would say is what life is all about. Even though the pandemic seems to drain most, the good times still roll. She was serving communion to the local church as usual per her weekly routine, when suddenly a cough started to come on. As you could imagine the looks that were given were far from good. So, she had to call her sister to come in and sub for her otherwise the poor souls around her could have left. Of course, as she gets into her car the coughing goes away immediately. Times like this show her and all of us that regardless of how sad a situation can be good times can always happen if you look for them.

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