Jackson, Kalamazoo

Storyteller: Paige Timpe 

Jackson is an 18-year-old senior in high school where he attends Plainwell High School. His focus is finishing his senior year to go onto college where he plans to attend Saginaw Valley State University, in Saginaw, Michigan where he will be studying economics. Aside from school he also works for his dad helping him with his pool business where he works on building and maintaining pools. 

Jackson’s first-time hearing about COVID-19 was March of 2020 on the news and from his parents. This year being his senior year Jackson, just like any other senior, has been faced with so many challenges to be able to enjoy his senior year. 2021 has not exactly been normal for anyone but as a senior he has been robbed so many opportunities and memories that a normal senior should get.  

Jackson has learned quite a few things since COVID-19, but the main thing is responsibility. With COVID-19 all his classes have been online therefore he has had to really pay attention to due dates and make sure he does not procrastinate his homework. This leads to him paying more attention to detail which has really helped him be more responsible. Another thing he has gained from COVID-19 is much more free time to do things he loves like go hunting or fishing. At the same time, he has also lost quality time that he could have spent with his family and friends. 

Jackson has concluded that having to play sports while wearing a mask is exceedingly difficult and causes you to run out of stamina a lot quicker. Over time he has been able to adjust to it but it’s still a small set back. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic overall has taught him to not take things lightly and to follow the rules and guidelines that are put in place. It has been over a year since the beginning of COVID-19, and it is still nowhere close to gone. If people stick to social distancing and wearing face masks, hopefully we see a positive change back to a normal life. 

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