Jackson, Kalamazoo

Storyteller: Paige Timpe  Jackson is an 18-year-old senior in high school where he attends Plainwell High School. His focus is finishing his senior year to go onto college where he plans to attend Saginaw Valley State University, in Saginaw, Michigan where he will be studying economics. Aside from school he also works for his dad helping him with his pool business where he works on building and maintaining pools.  Jackson’s first-time hearing about COVID-19 was March ofContinue reading “Jackson, Kalamazoo”

Julie, Kalamazoo

Storyteller: Paige Timpe  Julie is a 44-year-old woman who works for Mall City Mechanical in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she is a Human Resources Director. She spends her days at work handling recruitment, employment policies, training, and oversees the workplace safety. Along with her job, Julie is also a mother to 3 teenage boys which may be a handful at times.  Julie first heard about COVID-19 from her sons as they saw information on social media relating to it. During the pandemic, her day-to-day lifeContinue reading “Julie, Kalamazoo”