Tammy, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Megan Stott

Tammy is a stay at home mother to her two children. When the schools closed because of the stay at home order, everything felt much busier and stressful in the house. One of her kids has special needs, and breaking a routine schedule can make things difficult. With school and the activities she took her son to to help him with his needs, it was hard for him to adjust. With her kids now at home, despite their routine not on track, she says it’s good to be with her kids. “It’s nice to see them pretty much all day. This pandemic brought us closer and we bonded more.” Tammy gave her kids more freedom since there was nothing to do while stuck at home. Her kids were allowed to stay up later and play video games for longer. While her kids were out of school, her kids were still sent homework. Being at home for a school environment for her kids was difficult at times, and she struggled to teach them in a way that was the easiest for them to understand. During quarantine Tammy also got closer with her friend, “We call each other a lot now and since we’re always near each other, we see each other every now and then. It feels nice to have someone close by.” During this time, Tammy has found herself talking to more people and creating new friendships. Overall she has found happiness in such a dark time. One thing that Tammy has to say about the virus is that, “I learned that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Things aren’t easy all the time, but we have to work together.”

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