Shannon, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Megan Stott

Shannon was a senior in high school during the time she found out about the virus. “I heard about it in March while watching the news.” Shannon has been working in retail before and during the pandemic. “It can be a bit stressful at times. You never know if someone’s been in contact with virus when they come in.” Wearing a mask while working in a store is very important. Of course, there are many people who do not like to follow the rule of wearing a mask out in public, which can be very dangerous to those who are working, “People are selfish and don’t want to wear their masks. I would’ve thought that people would care about their health and others, but they rebel and care about politics.” For Shannon and many others, she hasn’t been doing a lot of the social activities she used to do. “Now that there’s a pandemic, I realized how many things I took for granted, like going out with friends and going shopping.” Shannon would usually go out with her friends every other week, but now it was every other month, which has been difficult to keep up her friends. During quarantine, Shannon had a lot of spare time. With this time, Shannon took advantage of this and practiced her hobby, drawing. For once she found comfort while in the pandemic, it was nice for her to start drawing again and continuing her passion. She never had time to do it in the past, so this was the perfect time to advance her skills. While drawing for fun on her own time and taking an art class in college, she fell in love with art again. Shannon now is going to college in person to study, “Going back to school with people again feels good. It’s more motivating.” Something that Shannon has to say about this pandemic is, “Even in desperate times, you can’t rely on others to do what’s right. We have to work together.”

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