Olivia, Burt County

Storyteller: Megan Stott

Olivia is 18 years old and lives in Burt. For her, a lot has been taken away from her because of the virus. One thing that Olivia is very passionate about is dancing. She’s been dancing ever since she was four years old. This year was her senior solo. Covid sadly took dancing away from her, all activities and schools were canceled for months. This moment that she was waiting for for years was gone. Her solo would’ve been the last dance on stage with the team she’s been dancing with for years. Olivia was also very excitedly looking forward to graduating high school. “I went from going to school everyday and to dance two times a week to staying at home doing nothing.” All high schools had to postpone graduation. Her aunt, which Olivia only sees a few times a year was supposed to fly to Michigan to watch her. A few weeks before her graduation, her aunt sadly passed away before she could see her graduate. This hasn’t been an easy time for Olivia with everything that happened, but one thing that she said has been good is that her confidence grew. “I got bored and saw trends online and thought why not try it out? I tried out several new styles and found ones that I love and now I feel a lot more confident with my body.” Olivia has learned one thing from her experience and that is, “Don’t take anything for granted. Make sure to check up on your family and friends because you never know what could happen.”

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