Jadyn, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Hayley Vance

Jadyn is an 18 year old girl that lives in Chesaning, Michigan. Jadyn is a waitress at a restaurant named the Junction of Hope. She waits tables, answers the phone, and deals with customers. She first heard about COVID-19 in school. The teachers and staff were talking about it. They said it was a new virus and that nobody really knew anything about it. She didn’t know what to think of it at first. 

Jadyn’s day to day life has changed a lot. She couldn’t finish the rest of her junior year of high school, she had to do it online. She also could not go to school for her senior year normally. All of the senior year activities have been cancelled. Her work environment has changed since restaurants have been going back and forth with doing only take out. She also can’t see certain family members, like her grandparents because they are at high risk and she would rather not put them at risk of getting sick if she sees them. 

What she has gained from COVID is more time for herself. She has taken the chance to learn more about herself. From COVID she has lost the ability to go anywhere without a mask, like everybody else. She has also lost her senior year, prom, and money from not being able to wait tables and because she did a lot of online shopping. 

She has noticed that in these winter months, her mask keeps her face warm. Whenever she comes out of a store, she’s not as cold because of the mask. Something funny that has happened to her during the pandemic is that she bought a car. This pandemic has taught her to never take anything for granted and to talk to the people that matter to her the most because you never know when something bad is going to happen. Jadyn almost lost her grandma and grandpa so it opened her eyes and now she cherishes those moments with her grandparents more.

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