Ryan, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Mason Sheridan

In Mid-March, Ryan was enjoying his life, staying home and watching his dog each day, as covid had shut down the school he was attending. Everyday was a loop, waking up and not doing anything every day. This became painful to Ryan as he saw no end in sight for the deadly virus.  He remembered the days of sitting and class and being surrounded by his friends, wishing those days could come back. Whether it was him enjoying our lunch breaks in the cafeteria, or sleeping through our math class, he wanted to go back.

Ryan was admitted into Western Michigan University for engineering. He was excited about what his future could be, but just as he got his acceptance, the virus struck even harder, shutting down almost everything. He began to worry, as he was not sure if going away to college was even going to be possible. He was unemployed with this new lockdown, as he could not go into work and make money for college. 

When Ryan finally left for college, he got to experience the true college experience. While he was there, he was able to go to many of the frat house parties, some of which I personally attended. After one of the parties that week, Ryan woke up and felt very ill, having a sore throat, runny nose, and lack of breath. He got tested and was Covid positive, giving it to his roommate and his suitemates. This upset Ryan very much as he felt incredibly guilty for exposing his friends to the virus.

This really opened Ryan’s eyes as he was finally aware of the seriousness of Covid and its effects on those around him. He was forced to stay in isolation in his dorm, and he went through many hardships while being stuck in there, like going insane because of how long he had to be stuck in the tiny rooms at Western Michigan. 

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