Kaitlyn, Grand Rapids

Storyteller: Aubrey Cole

Kaitlyn is 24 years old and she lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She currently owns her own business called Kaitlyn’s Creations, and is a professional photographer who also makes graphics. Originally, she heard about COVID while on the phone with a client. The client sadly canceled the wedding she had planned for her to shoot because of COVID.

After the pandemic hit, her day changed from being busy 24/7 to having more days to herself. Most of her gigs were canceled. Kaitlyn learned how to save her money better and prepare for the worst. It was a learning moment to know that things can hit you out of nowhere. However, Kaitlyn lost many opportunities and money because of the pandemic. She wasn’t able to do a lot of the weddings because they had canceled.

She found that masks were the biggest sensory issue for her. Kaitlyn would always forget to grab the mask when she would go into stores. During COVID, she had more time to go to church and she ended adopting a cat from the church. The cat helped her with her mental health. Mesa, the cat, always kept her from feeling lonely. This pandemic taught Kaitlyn that anything can happen in life. You may not be prepared for things that come at you, but you have to adapt. 

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