Stephanie, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Hayley Vance

Stephanie is a 45 year old woman that lives in Chesaning, Michigan. Stephanie is a receptionist at Family Insurance Services in Chesaning, Michigan. She has worked here for many years. She first heard about COVID-19 through the news. She watches the news every morning when she is getting ready for work. The news show she watches is the Today Show. She first heard about the pandemic in January. 

Her day to day life has changed. She is now working from home, which is something she had a hard time adjusting to. Something she does regularly is hang out with her friends at the bar after work, but now she hasn’t seen her friends in a while.  She cooks more at home now and tries to limit her trips to the grocery store. 

Stephanie has gained the appreciation of her home and being able to have the space that she has. She also has gained money because she is not out spending it like she normally would be doing. Stephanie hasn’t lost a lot except for some of her freedom, like being able to go somewhere without some sort of restrictions. A sensory detail that she has experienced is her glasses fogging up when she has a mask on. She had to learn how to adapt to that, because whenever she is in a store her glasses fog up. She also noticed that she uses hand sanitizer way more now. She uses it every time she leaves somewhere. Something funny that has happened to her during the pandemic is that there was a bat in her house in the beginning of the pandemic. This pandemic has taught Stephanie to appreciate your loved ones and to not take anything for granted. She also was taught to not take good health for granted and to take other people’s health into consideration when going out.

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