Gail, Alpena

Storyteller: Eden Zann

67 year old housewife Gail spends a lot of her time baking and watching television. She has COPD and is a retired smoker. Gail loves to travel, go to church and shop. She was informed mid March through the news that she could no longer do any of those things due to COVID-19. 

Gail was sad. She could no longer travel to Arizona during the winter months, she had to order groceries online and even watch Mass online. Gail was bored in her house and needed something to do. 

Across the street from her house lives her son, his wife, and their two children. She would see them taking family walks out her window every morning, on March 21st Gail decided to go with them. I think you could say that day was the start of a very healthy life for Gail. 

Instead of dwelling on negatives of this pandemic, Gail bettered herself. Thanks to COVID she has lost weight and is better coping with her COPD. She began tracking her miles and since March 21st gail has walked over eight hundred miles. She credits her two grandchildren for getting her in the habit of walking. 

Gail misses being able to have large family gatherings and celebrate things such as birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, she is grateful for this time she gets to spend walking outside (with a mask on.) Gail is making the most of the extra time that she now gets to spend with her grandchildren. 

Just like a lot of people Gail is grateful that people are respecting each other and wearing masks in our small town to prevent the spread of this virus. Gail said “I have learned to live life to the fullest and keep God in my heart.”

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