Emmett, Alpena

Storyteller: Eden Zann

During the winter of 2019 Emmett found out he was in need of a kidney transplant within the next year. He was placed on the list of people who need a kidney, but that list was so long he probably would not make it long enough to get the transplant. Emmett’s family all got tested to see if they could be a match for him. Even Emmett’s friends got tested. No matches- his family was devastated. 

Emmett’s daughter went on a spa retreat with some co-workers and her distant cousin was there. They were talking about life and Emmett’s daughter told his niece about his kidney failure. Immediately after the spa retreat his niece, Robin, got tested. His family was feeling very grateful for her but did not have much hope. 

Flash-forward a month and Robin is the perfect match to donate a kidney to Emmett. Emmett and his family relied on religion throughout this process and Robin is a true miracle. Now the surgery can be planned, this is going to be one of the biggest moments of Emmett’s life and nothing can take this away, right?

Wrong. A month before Emmett was scheduled for surgery COVID-19 spread across the United State like wildfire. How could this be possible? He has been waiting so long. When will Emmett be able to have his surgery? Months filled with unknown answers passed, but he never gave up on his faith. The quarantine was hard for Emmett; he was an every Sunday church regular. 

Eventually after what felt like the wait of a lifetime Emmett’s surgery was scheduled. COVID was still bad, most transplant patients died after their operation, but Emmett and Robin felt comfortable enough with the precautions that the hospital was taking and continued with the surgery. 

The surgery went better than ever imagined. The doctor said that Emmett and Robin were a perfect match under the microscope, which never happens! Emmett knew God was by his side. 

Months have passed since Emmett’s surgery, but he is still at high risk so he quarantines at his house with his wife. They order groceries online, and only leave the house for doctors appointments. He misses his family so much, he can only talk to them through a window. Life surely is different for Emmett but he cherishes every moment that he gets to talk to his family.

Emmett feels amazing and is now making the best out of his time in quarenting. He loves to be outside and is getting so much work done around his house. 

Overall, Emmett said that this pandemic has taught him to never take life for granted.  “We all need to come together to put an end to this pandemic!” Emmett is counting down the days until he can hug his family again, and give his angel, Robin, the biggest hug of all!

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