Cheryl, Bay County

Storyteller: Izabella Rosebush 

Cheryl wasn’t really aware of the pandemic until two days before we shut down because she doesn’t like to watch the news. She was helping her son who is a teacher in his classroom. Being a grandma of 11 grandchildren she missed seeing them and having them at her house. However she did gain a bit more time to herself which she did enjoy. With that time she started watching more tv shows and movies. One show she watched was the infamous Tiger King Documentary. She said it was very entertaining and definitely one of the most entertaining things to happen during quarantine. During her free time she has always enjoyed knitting which she did a lot of during quarantine. She noticed when she goes into stores to buy yarn she tries to not touch everything now and has become more aware of how much she would touch in the stores. Sadly she was not able to have Thanksgiving this year which is her favorite holiday because she gets to see all of her family including her siblings. She however get to have a zoom call with most of them which she was very thankful for. This pandemic has mostly taught her to be thankful for the time she does get to spend with her family and enjoy every second of it.

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