Julia, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Izabella Rosebush 

As a senior in high school Julia thought the pandemic would give her a nice little break during the most stressful time of the final year of high school. But it lasted longer than she expected when they never went back to school. She had first heard about Covid on the news while she was at her co-op job for an insurance company. She didn’t think anything about it because it was all the way across the world and she was unaware of how quickly the virus spread. At the time it was very hard because she couldnt see her friends who she was so used to seing everyday. However this taught her how to be more independent and she had to adjust her daily routine and find new hobbies like dying clothes and making them her own. She learned how to adjust to change during this time “you really didnt have a choice, things were different and we had to deal with it whether we wanted to or not ” she said. Before adjusting her life Julia liked things done certain ways and liked a routine but ever since we went into lockdown she had to adjust. During all the time in the house her family would all play Monopaly together and go on walks outside once the weather started to get nice. She said she is now more appreciative every time she gets to spend time with her friends or go to people’s house.  

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