Kim, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Izabella Rosebush 

Every morning she wakes up and teaches 2nd grade to her youngest son who is 8. She never thought she would be homeschooling her children but that happened once the pandemic started. Kim has 3 other children who are old enough to do their work on their own. She also realized how much more she cleans the house because all her children are now home 24/7. To occupy all this time at home she started making masks for people and giving them to people who were essential workers. She first heard about the virus in mid January on the news. As the virus came to American she said “it got stressful because I needed to keep my family safe” and the worse it got the more she worried. She became more worried about germs and realized how present they were along with how important good hygiene was. One positive thing that has come out of the pandemic was her perspective on others decisions. She explained how people were making the decisions to go places or not and you can’t judge them because that is what they are comfortable with during this time. She wants others to respect her choices she makes at times so she knows she needs to do the same. While she did gain respect for others opinions she did lose her patience. With being in the house all day everyday she found her patience wearing thin.

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