Kelly, Genesee County

Storyteller: Angela Wolfin Kelly is a 50-year-old hair stylist and nail technician living in Genesee County, Michigan where she takes care of clients at a busy salon Monday through Friday. On the weekends she values her time with her family including her mother, daughters, adorable grandson, and boyfriend. Kelly first heard about COVID-19 from aContinue reading “Kelly, Genesee County”

Britny, Genesee County

Storyteller: Angela Wolfin Britny is a 30-year-old health technician living in Genesee County. She is a wife and the mother of three young children between the ages of 10 and four. Britny works with area clients who have young children and babies that need assistance obtaining access to healthy food and medical services. Her jobContinue reading “Britny, Genesee County”