Jorn, Chippewa Township, Drummond Island

Storyteller: Jordan Hartley Jorn is a 49 year old mother of 2, who currently resides on Drummond Island, Michigan. She is currently employed as a realtor outside of the island, and helps her husband with expenses as she currently also does the accounting for their construction business which provides help on and off the island,Continue reading “Jorn, Chippewa Township, Drummond Island”

Rhonda, Chippewa Township, Drummond Island

Storyteller: Jordan Hartley Rhonda is a 56 year old mother of two, she currently lives and works on Drummond Island, Michigan as a physical therapist assistant, but she also does home health care and out-patient clinic. She travels often, but still has a strict code the hospitals have put in place to keep employees, andContinue reading “Rhonda, Chippewa Township, Drummond Island”

Doug, Chippewa County, Drummond Island

Storyteller: Jordan Hartley Doug is a 58 year-old who currently lives with his wife and two children on Drummond Island, Michigan. He takes a ferry every morning in order to make it to work in Sault Ste. Marie where he works at Lake Superior State University as an executive chef/university sector. Doug says the travelContinue reading “Doug, Chippewa County, Drummond Island”