Doug, Chippewa County, Drummond Island

Storyteller: Jordan Hartley

Doug is a 58 year-old who currently lives with his wife and two children on Drummond Island, Michigan. He takes a ferry every morning in order to make it to work in Sault Ste. Marie where he works at Lake Superior State University as an executive chef/university sector. Doug says the travel of 60 miles every day to work is rough, and having to wake up at 5am to be to work at 7am is taxing but worth it.

Doug has not been directly affected by COVID-19 but says he did receive a 10% pay cut during the summer as there were few students and staff on campus, but he still had to show up everyday for work. His hours were also changed, and only had to prepare breakfast and lunch for the remaining students who weren’t able to travel back to their homes. Doug has also not missed a day of work due to COVID, but has had some co-workers test positive and be removed from work, including his boss.

Doug hasn’t had too much change during his time working and dealing with COVID, he says he misses being able to interact with students during their lunch time as he’s gotten to know a few of them. He has to be more careful about exposure while out as he spends most of his day preparing food. He also has to be more aware of his employee’s as he can’t have sick or infected people also preparing food.

Doug says he can’t wait for this whole pandemic to be over so he can get back to doing more outdoor and social activities. Though he hasn’t been directly affected he still knows the precautions he has to take around those who are more prone to getting sick or infected.

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